Monday, December 24, 2012

Our Christmas Card

 December is the best postal month of the year, with packages coming in for Jackson and Christmas cards arriving, I often chase the post man down for the morning mail. I love looking at each family and how they have grown, I treat each one as a special present as I know the time it can take to find the perfect picture, pick out a suitable card, collect the addresses to make sure no one has moved and then finally sit down to address them. Its no small task to get them out the door and I'm so in love with each of them.

This year as we always do, we took a vacation picture as our family card choice. We were in Miami and while I didn't pack clothes to take a picture, I was lucky to riffle through the suitcases to find something that matched. I think it turned out cute and I know we are looking forward to 2013 when Jack returns to Hawaii for another Maui Christmas photo opportunity :)

Merry Christmas and thank you Mr. Postman for delivering all these lovely presents!


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