Sunday, July 29, 2012

Potty trained

We are officially trained and have been for a few weeks now (yay!) I'm not sure why this mama was so scared of it, but I do know I'm glad I waited until he was ready! It took just two days and we did the sticker approach . He has had just a few accidents but they were not a big deal at all. I had this huge fear of having to carry a potty with my everywhere I went. That just isn't the case. With boys they tend to hold themselves and do a potty dance and so its pretty obvious when you need to rush to the bathroom :)  I'm loving not having to change diapers, it got to be a huge challenge towards the end. We tired potty training before and he wasn't interested, his sole goal was to just say he needed to go to to get an M&M candy, it was quite the smart maneuver by him, and we got really old of just feeding my kid candy all the time... so we stopped. Then right after his 3rd birthday we just forced him into underoos and he just went with it! We did a sticker chart (this is what got him trained!) and we found "puffy" stickers not just the boring flat ones
(all this from $1 store)

...and now we just have one cute toddler running around with the cutest character undies...which is so cute if I do say so myself :) I love his little bum!

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Lili said...

YAY! isnt it so much easier? great job jackson!