Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy place part duex

When we started this blog, our sole intentions were to keep family up to date on what we were doing and how Jackson was developing. However in doing so I have developed some special friendships from other moms and so when I got an email on Thursday saying that one of my favorite mama bloggers was going to be just a short distance away I was super excited! She invited us up to Galveston to tag along while her hubby was at a convention there. So I checked with Kevin and he actually had golf plans which was perfect.. so I eagerly replied with a yes and started getting our bags ready for our Saturday day trip to meet the Wilson Family. When we first found each others blogs, right away thought "oh my us too".. Our boys are both named Jackson, they are 3 weeks apart. We both are working Moms and our husbands are both attorneys. So we both were really excited to get the little Jackson's together for a play date!
 (Oh and how cute is mama Wilson 17 weeks pregnant and looks amazing!)

 Jackson shared his goggles with Jackson (do you see where this could get confusing? ha)

 My friend Chasity had never been to Moody Gardens (and actually we had not either). So happy her family decided to joined us! When Kevin got word that it was going to be group family day, he so kindly (really!) said that he wanted to join in the fun. After all he had just golfed most of the afternoon on Friday anyways. We were excited to have all the Dads join us ladies and make a family splash day out of it! Chasity and I were so surprised at how toddler friendly everything was and we are already planning on getting memberships next year. We will both be in new houses in Sugar Land (yay she is making the burb move too) and carpooling will be a breeze with the kids.
 in line to buy lots of these...

 oh my heavens ...little miss Georgia is the most adorable little thing you ever did see!

 This picture made me laugh.. our Jack wanted to go swim and not take pictures and the other Jack wanted to join the picture :)

 I don't think you could find two cuter Jacksons :)
 And this is how you end a day at Moody Gardens... WORN OUT! Waiting for the bus to come get us, he was so exhausted and a little pink!
 But not too exhausted to stop and get in line (a long line at that) for some of the best BBQ known to man!

and that's how we ended our fabulous Saturday!

I thought it to be cute when we got in the car that Kevin after our long day and said, so wait, you and Kristen had never met before? I said..right and then asked why. He then said oh it just seemed like yall had know each other a long time... and well we have :)

Such a fun day and so thankful for old and new friends!



Momma Wilson said...

this post makes my heart happy, such a fun day! I hope we can do it again in the not so distant future! we live too close to not have more jackson reunions:) j said the same thing after the day!

Lea Liz said...

How much fun!!

I am jealous.. I read Mama Wilson's Blog and just love her! Wish I lived closer to both of you! How much fun!!

Looks like a super fun place for the kiddos too!

Lili said...

oooh, we had planned to go this summer but never got to! the place does look fun!

Jane said...

FUN day! so neat that you all are so close to galveston!