Monday, July 30, 2012

Cousins united

We took Jack over to Aunt Stacy and Uncle Joe's house to meet up with all the cousins. Sophie and Jack came over to meet Ethan, but lets be honest out of all these pictures we couldn't get a cute one of these two with the baby. They just were not interested, but that's ok, we know they will be one day, and the three of them will pal around and cause all laughs! 
However it was so nice for all us to just hang out, catch up and watch our mini me's. We talked about all the fun we will have with them and I personally can't wait for Holiday open houses and vacations together. The three amigos they shall be! And what gets me more excited is that the three of us (Sarah, Stacy and myself) were all talking about when number two for each of us would be....and I'm giddy to think that we could all be pregnant at the same time, given our timelines! An explosion of sweet babies, oh my! That would make six little loves to enjoy and six little bums to chase after on the beach! Being the only child, it makes me want nothing more for these three (and possibly six) to be as close as possible! 

I love this group so much :)
 It wouldn't be a trip to the Woodlands without one of Joe's super tasty beverages..and yes it was 10: 30 am, breakfast of champions!
 and of course note a trip without playing some games :)
 I'm pretty sure Sarah and I forgot all about newborn needs, I felt like I had no clue what to do!!

 These two were cracking me up! Enjoying the pack-n-play by using it as a trampoline :)

 We moved out to the pool , oh happy day!
 and loved getting to see Katie, isn't she most adorable at 20 something weeks?!
 Pizza by the pool was perfect!

 quick kisses :)
 I got a few snaps of the proud and beautiful new family... such an incredibly sweet little fella!

Love Love Love!


stacy :) said...


Maura said...

soooo precious!!!! I LOVE newborns and i love little kids reactions to them. it's so sweet!! Jack is gonna be such a good big brother some day!!!

Meg O. said...

How awesome is it that all the cousins can be so close?! What a sweet little baby! Looks like a blast!

jessov said...

Beautiful pictures of the family!

Jane said...

Oh my goodness, your nephew is soooo perfect!!!! i know you all are loving jack having a little cousin...oh the possibilities! :)