Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jacks Happy Place

There are so many mornings where the first thing Jackson says is "I want to go to the beach". It makes my heart pitter patter that he might have been dreaming the night before of playing in the sand, frolicking in the waves and having a ball in his happy place. Then waking up from this sweet dreaming and wanting to make it a reality. So on Saturday that's just what we did. Kevin was actually already down there for a boys weekend at a friends bay house. While we didn't interrupt his fun we made some splashes of our own with The Borski bunch. Elizabeth had promised to take her Nanny and her son to the beach once the rain cleared and so we just tagged along and all had so much fun.
We got it in gear around 10 am and headed down to Galveston. 

 We stopped at The Spot (yum) for a bite to eat. We tried to scarf down our food because our impatient little loves were dying to hit the beach. We quickly found a spot, rented some additional chairs and let the kids run wild. The sun finally came out and the kids ran around for several hours!

 Elizabeth and I found some cheap-o beach toys for the kids at Target and the Dollar Store! Check out these butterfly nets that were $1, I thought they would be perfect as "fishing nets"...the kids loved them!

 slightly overcast for a while ...turned out to be perfect for not burning our little beach bums!
 and when I say bums... I mean it :) ha ha

 we tried to board the waves but Jack wasn't all that interested, he just wanted to lay int he water and let the waves splash in his face!

 breaks were minimal and wrinkle hands were abundant

 $1 water guns were a highlight!
 and $1 shades even better! If you don't shop at the Dollar Tree you are missing out!

 trying to get a group picture was hard, too much to see to sit still for a group cheeeeeeese
 We love our little friends Annie and Blake! Many more summers ahead for these friends!

The kids did not want to leave, and you know there is something about La Kings Confectionery, we actually were able to use statements like this the entire day "If you don't do X then NO ice cream" ...it works :)
So we finally said "If you want ice cream we need to leave".... and within seconds we were packing up leaving sweet footprints in the sand.

We got to La Kings and its like a pringle you can't just have one, so there were gummy bears,  shakes, ice cream and chocolate pretzels... oh sugar how we love you.

After we got our kids really loaded with sugar we decided we needed a few minutes of retail therapy. Even though Dee was she was "off the clock" she was so sweet to watch the kids while Elizabeth and I tried on the cutest dresses. We managed to get out of there without all our littles breaking anything and scoring the most adorable dresses!

So much fun in the sun, its really nice to be able to do day trips down to Galveston! I know Jack surly went to bed thinking of all the fun he had!




Maura said...

oh my gosh these are the most precious pictures!! i love the ones in the sunglasses!!!

Jane said...

What a FUN little getaway day! I'm jealous ya'll are so close to the beach. Hutch begs us to take him...he'll have to wait a few more weeks....and 13 hours in the car ;).