Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Addison

We have been up to our head in boxes, tape and bubble wrap. So it was a nice break for Jackson to get out and get his swim and cake on with miss Addison to celebrate her 2nd birthday!

Jack had TWO of those cupcakes... but at least he burned off the sugar by swimming the entire time!
  Sarah is near and dear to my heart with her craftiness and always comes up with the cutest birthday tables, love!

 No surprise our son is the first one in the pool :)

 But soon after all the kiddos were in and having a blast!

 Happy Birthday Addison!

Thank you miss Addison for having us over to your house for your birthday celebration!


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Deidra Brown said...

I am loving you friends pool. I live in Alabama so I know it will be hard to get this design by any chance would you know who designed it? Love it!!!!