Saturday, June 2, 2012

We have a cousin on the way

 This morning I hosted a shower for my beautiful sister in law and my nephew that is on his way soon! We are so incredibly excited for our family to have another little boy to run around. Jack sure looks forward to showing him the ropes! Kevin and I are so excited to be able to take fun vacations with all the family and I know Gran is excited to have another darling grandchild to love on! Exciting things happening for our family!

 BOY OH BOY banner I made, with the bow ties in the center :)

 Breakfast showers are the best, easy and light!

 These old cars were Kevins when he was a little boy :)



e8ght888 said...

Jessica! AGAIN! Such an incredibly beautiful and fun party! Thank you so much for all your hard work - the location, the gorgeous creative decorations, the food, the flow - all combined into a PERFECT celebration!

Anonymous said...

So sorry we couldn't attend! Wish the Texas and Wisconsin were next door neighbors instead of opposite ends of the US! Would love to be able to watch both the kids for you! It's my "specialty."