Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jack is reading!

Jack has been doing this for a while and I'm in awe each time, I mean this little guy is still 2 years old!! Nelvi goes to the library every other Thursday and gets 10 new books. This book she picked up was great because it was full of sight words that Jack knows. so he was able to use the words he knows and take the pictures to figure out the book. Within just a few days he is able to read this book almost in its entirety. I have always said you are amazing and so smart Jack, but really you are! We are so proud of you, and I love being able to capture these moments for you. 

I put two videos together so that you could get the full reading of the book, My Car, front to back!



brynn said...

oh. my. god. jesssss!!!

he is a little genius, and you are such a wonderful mommy!!!

Momma Wilson said...

Little genius is right!