Friday, April 13, 2012

Its almost time

 When we are not working at our jobs you can find us working on the house, getting her ready for the market. We have rented a storage unit and decluttered the house, the foundation is complete, the yard is almost back to normal, and the painters come on Monday. Once the painters are done we will have a spring cleaning of the house and it will be ready to put a for sale sign in the yard.

While I am excited to move into a bigger house, this house is our home, its been all that Jackson has ever known and I plan to do a post once the house is fully clean so that Jack can remember and look back at every nook and cranny of his first home, our sweet 1800 sq ft humble abode that we love so much. It will be sad to let her go, she has been good to us, she is a little high maintenance, but her heart is good and she will be dressed to the nines shopping for a new little family to join her. Hmm this actually sounds like me? I'm looking for a new little love to join our family too! This is one of the big reasons we are moving, so that we can start trying for another baby.

Speaking of selling houses.. Jack actually sold his within 40 mins of posting it on craigstlist!
 and his rules will carry over to a new family :)
 He was very helpful in taking it apart
 show me the money!!
 And just as we were decluttering we got a few more friends. But that's ok these friends make Jack really happy and well I did ask for them :)
Gran just got back from China again and picked Jack up a entire family of "bad birds" :)
 and yep they all made it to bed with Jack last night.
So now we have old lovie, new lovie, old bad bird and 6 new bad birds...oh dear!
 He always comes to our bed in the morning to drink his milk and officially wake naturally the new bad birds needed to go to the "big bed" too! ha
 Where did all the toys go? Half are in storage and the other half are tucked away here :)
Jack got some new hex bugs from Gran too! We are so spoiled!

 This morning Jack realized that there was a ton of dirt out back and wanted to go check it out before school. We are getting new sod and it will look so beautiful once its done but for now this is boy country, dirt galore!

 Jack was really confused by his race track being taken over with dirt and flowers. ha!
We never have really filled this flower bed, and Jack likes to use it for his cars....
 so when I told him he had to be careful with the new flowers he decided to jump over them :)

Things are blooming over here and hopefully the fruits of our labor pay off soon!


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The Nerdy Katie said...

I really need to get P something to play with in the back yard, I just send him back there with bubbles for now.

P has that same shirt in the last pictures too :)