Sunday, April 15, 2012

Going green, going swimming and going Mad!

 Friday morning our yard looked like this...
and by afternoon it was green! Magic!
I am making it hard to leave this house...its so darn pretty! And so we enjoyed our new sod and some fresh fish our neighbor gave us from a catch on Thursday...yum!
Saturday morning we woke up and drove out to Katy to look at another version of a model home from the builder we are considering. We ended up stopping at some random restaurant because they had a playground outside that you could sit, eat and watch your kids. We ended up running into one of Kevins childhood friends and chatted with them for a while! We all came home and snoozed before we got up to check out one more house in Sugarland. Since we were out that way we decided to take a dip in Grandma and Grandpas pool where Jack took off like a fish!
 After dinner Gran had a great idea to make cookies with Jack..
 he tried his hardest to roll them into balls, so cute!

 cutting and placing the cookies just perfectly.

 they were delish.... I might have had more than two...

 On Sunday we got our hats on for a Mad Hatter Tea Party in honor of Jacks cousin Sophie's 2nd birthday!

  Jack ran straight for the fun while I snapped pictures of how darling everything was set up!
I love a good party!

 Happy Birthday to the most darling little Sophie in Wonderland

 These took the icing on the cake for best cupcakes! How adorable are these?

 Fun to be had by all with Sangria and bounce houses!

 We wore this little guy out yet again :) Hope you had a wonderful weekend!



Lea Liz said...

What a cute party and theme!!!

Love your hat!

Meg O. said...

What an adorable party!

Wanna come sod my backyard?? Haha.

the tichenor family said...

Your backyard looks GREAT! You have such a beautiful home-- but I am so glad you're moving this way!

And, what a precious party-- love the theme and all of the darling decor! So fun.

You look great-- as usual! :)