Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

 We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day with our family! We woke up and drove out to the Woodlands to have a yummy breakfast with Mimi and Nanie at the Crackerbarrel. Jack loved having things to look at while our table was ready and though he wasn't too interested in eating we all had a lovely time together. After we then all drove over to Grace church and decided that we had to cut our morning short of service and egg hunt because of little mister, sometimes when you are two years old, you can't sit still outside and we understand and so does everyone else. So Mom and Nanie left with us and then we decided it would be best just to join our next stop a little early. We drove a few short miles to Aunt Stacy and Uncle Joes house and made it in time for lunch and pool fun!

 Looking so handsome in his Easter outfit from Papa and Edith


 We tossed a few Easter eggs in the pool with toys that he could play with in the pool

 Such a beautiful day!

 We had tequila lime chicken with farmers market brussels sprouts and fresh greens from the garden (which you can see along the entire back fence). Stacy then took limes and squeezed them with mint from her garden mixed in with a jalapeno and made the most refreshing afternoon drink I had ever tasted! It might sound odd, but it was wonderful! We love going over to their house because we always know the ingredient list will be interesting and fresh!
Sometimes I take pictures and I know that it may look perfect but the picture doesn't show the melt down we had ten minutes ago...but today I couldn't stop taking perfect pictures because our day was just that! I love my family so much and I'm so thankful for everyone near and far in our life!
We really are such a happy little bunch!

 And to top it off she prepared cream, milk and vanilla bean 
so that we could then turn it into homemade ice cream!
 Jack of course was such a good little helper, and as soon as we were at their house he was the best little guy, I think he just needed to run around and let our some energy!
 Adding some salted caramel ..yum!

 So we asked Jack if he wanted to touch the baby.. and he told us that he wanted to, so this was his way of "touching" the baby ...ha!
We really had such a AWESOME time, we are SO excited for another baby boy to join our family! I can just see all the holidays ahead and how much fun we are going to all have! 
That is one beautiful Easter blessing!



Deidra Brown said...

OMG I have to ask where did you get that nice dress? You always dress so cute. Also where did you find that cute necklace from? Do you think I will be able to find one? Thanks again! If you would like to send me you personal email I can add you to my blog since it's private.

mandell said...

Your fam is just the cutest! I love that dress and remember seeing it but can't remember where, surely not jcp right?! SO cute! So glad you posted all your sweet Easter happenings!

The Nerdy Katie said...

I love that dress! They sold out of it at my Target super quick, the only thing I was able to get from the line was a scarf :(

Kelly's Avenue said...

Looks like y'all had a great Easter

Jane said...

catching up on your blog, looks like a FAB Easter weekend you all had!!! can you believe our boys are almost 3?!?! where did the time go? can't wait to get them together again in a few weeks. ALSO, I want the recipe for that yummo drink your SIL made!