Thursday, February 9, 2012


I firmly believe that if you have a grandparent alive (great grandparent to your children) that you owe it to them to ensure they meet your children. When you get older you may have the same routine day in and day out, but your excitement comes from family.

Family is key to a young heart. 

I had been keeping my eye on flights to Ohio (where my fathers mother lives) and finally found a deal last Tuesday, which would book us for Sat - Mon. So I went ahead and booked it last minute, called my family and told them Jack and I were routed to Ohio in just a few days. With open arms my Aunt Carol and cousin Shelly welcomed us into their home and Jack got to meet my fathers side of the family!

Here in a TON of pictures is our trip up north!!!

 Jack was such an amazing little travel buddy, he was SO good on the way there and was really enjoying everything "airplane" related.

 We used our $1 store secret again and filled up our carry on bag with tons of new cheap toys, it did the trick and for $20 bucks its worth the trip to your local $1 store! If you are here in Houston, Giant Dollar off Hwy 59 has the best selection of toys for a plane ride!

Mommy isn't no dum dum... lollipops were ready for any we all know rewarding meltdowns when you on a plane full of people is well... the only way to go. Lucky for us Jack was perfect and so he actually got one as a reward for such a good flight.

 The "iPan" or iPad was of course a much needed tool for our trip!

 We got in our rental car and head about an hour towards Massillon, Ohio!
 The drive was scenic with white snow!! So pretty and Jacks first time to see real snow!

As soon as we got into town our first stop was to see my grandmother in her nursing home. I can't say that first time seeing in her almost 10 years was easy, it was tearful! Jack warmed right up to her and immediately asked if she would play "battle trucks" with him. Of course she did, if you cant tell, my grandmother loves cars, and she was excited to partake in the fun. 

 After about three hours with G.Millie we headed over to find Aunt Carols house and settle in for the night. Jack got to meet his cousins and had a ball showing off for Katie and Annebelle.

 On Sunday we woke up and decided before our visit to GMillie we were going to play in the snow.
So I took Jack and we did a little exploring of our own, and we really had such a blast, I loved watching him!!

 I just  love this picture of him stomping in the snow with his new snow boots!

 We took GMillie lunch and visited with her for quite a while. I loved being able to sit, hold her hand and just talk with her in person!

 The next morning we woke up and I captured this picture for my Dad. That hill in the far back is the very hill that he used to sled down when he was a little boy and that building in the back was his middle school (now closed). Just such a neat thing to think my Dad once walked in this very spot Jack was!
We said goodbyes to our family
 made our way back to see GMillie

 and then stopped for a Cameo Burger to bid our farewell to Massillon, Ohio

 Baby boy had not taken a nap on Sat or Sunday, so by the time Monday rolled around he was ready for a siesta! He took a nap in the car from our trip back to Cleveland.
 An hour or so later we arrived and decided to check our the Cleveland Science Museum before our flight.
It was such a great place and Jack really enjoyed being able to touch everything in sight!

 We tucked baby boy in (we had the entire row on the flight to and from) and headed back home.
I am so grateful to have been able to introduce our loving little to my Dads family. I know they were so excited to meet Jack and we were so excited to finally be together again! Until next time...



Momma Wilson said...

what a special little trip, I am sure you will hold on to those memories with your grandma:)

Jane said...

That is so sweet that you took Jack up there! I am sure your family (and your Dad) appreciated it, and loved meeting Jack and seeing you.

mandell said...

Such a sweet little trip to see Grandma what a special memory!