Monday, January 30, 2012

Birthday Celebrations!

 This weekend was full of celebration! My best friend Trish came on late Saturday to Houston with her family to celebrate some birthday love.
I finally got to see Trisha's baby again, it had been so long and she is now 8 months and just adorable!

 Trish came into town as we were celebrating the two J's - Jennifer and Jessica. 
Jenn turned 33 and I will turn 32 on Feb 7. 
Aged to perfection :) 
Mandy and Megan might have made me laugh all night and we might have been up on stage to sing few songs,but I will save you from those tunes!
Of course we had a wonderful night but Sunday morning was a tab bit hard to wake up to...ha
The party hats came off and the Mommy hats came back on. I got it in gear and took Jackson to his little buddy Kyles birthday at Pump it Up. Kyle is in his redbird class at St. Martin and it was nice to talk to a bunch of parents from his class and put the kids face with the parents!

We played for a good hour and then instead of pizza and cake we headed over to the delicious Tiny Boxwood to meet up with Trish and family for lunch.

 We came back to the house where the kids played and I only wish they lived in Houston!
 Jack got to open his Christmas gift from The Beshers ...
 with a little help from Maggie of course!
 He got a little tent with balls and of course they had a BALL of a time!

It wouldn't be a gift from Aunt Trish unless there was a designer involved... love his little Joes jeans!
Such a great pre birthday weekend and celebration for so many great people!
We are celebrating again in two weeks by going to Kevin's parents place in Galveston with our neighbors for a little mini weekend get away! I love February! Birthday fun!



xoxo-Kristen said...

YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL :))) and be looking for your package, i sent it out today! they said prob thur-fri you would have it

Jane said...

Maggie is precious! Looks like a fun weekend. The Joe's Jeans are SO cute. Can't wait to see Jack in them~