Friday, January 27, 2012

A Night of Magic

Kev and I attended the TSA Gala and it was such a wonderful night out. We got to dress up, join some old friends, have a glass of wine and most importantly donate to such a wonderful association.

As soon as we walked in we were stopped by the magician to partake in a few tricks...
 He really was amazing and somehow made us sign the same card, even though we were certain we were signing different cards :)

We perused the silent auction and there was SO many amazing choices!
 Dinner was delish and there were so many heart warming and informational speeches
 Between dinner I went back to check on our auction .. to find out that we won both that we bid on! Yay!
1st up our donation to win 4 tickets to Disneyland (California)
 2nd was our donation for The Round Top Birthday Collection by Jeff Krause. 
I love that every birthday this will now adorn our house for the kid(s) and be in kind of TSA!

We got home and checked on our sweet angel who had a wonderful report from his sitter. You can see why the J.Krause is right up my ally, I love to decorate..I think I need a valentines motif for Jacks bedroom door, b/c I have skipped right over that and gone to Spring. 
Our little love all tucked in and a healthy blessing he is.
Poof...we are off to sleep!



Donna said...

You look great Jess! How cool that y'all won such fun auction items.
I still want to hear your tips for getting back into shape :)

Maura said... are gorgeous!
2. I love that train it's so cute!!
3. Soon glad you guys had a fun night out!!

mandell said...

First of all, you're gorgeous. Second of all, holy cow - Disneyland AND that super cute bday set, that's so fun! Third of all, (in regards to the rainy day post) Jack is seriously the cutest and omg - if you ever decide to get rid of his wardrobe pass it on to me and my unborn children - puhhleeease!!!

Momma Wilson said...

what an awesome evening for y'all two!

Meg O. said...

What a fun looking evening and awesome silent auction scores! You look gorgeous!

Jane said...

you look gorgeous! i love your dress. i LOVE the birthday train. too, too cute~