Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hey Valentine!

 Kevin is at a work conference and I think having a good time.... so tonight I had some of my girlfriends over with their youngins for some fun of our own! We had a Valentine/Birthday bash and it was oh so great!

6 amazing moms, 7 brilliant tots = 1 pretty fun night!

I love my little "love bug"... his shirt so darn sweet!!
 I whipped this up at 5 pm using some scraps I had around the house, with an hour before our guests arrived and think it turned out pretty cute :)
 I'm pretty sure its a good night when two bottles of VC Rose was consumed :)

 Happy Birthday to Mommy!

 Our little fashionista Georgia with a TB baby outfit!!
 ooooh the cake! (and yes we changed b/c I couldn't get choc cake all over that darling shirt since we want to wear it again on V day :)
 Jack and Blake finally having some quiet time!

 Annie, Jack and Rowan :)
Thanks ladies for coming over and sharing your night with us, we must do it again soon!



Chas said...

LOVE! That banner was super cute. I noticed it, I thought Crepe Confectionery did it.

Momma Wilson said...

oh how fun!!! I love Jackson's shirt and that TB baby outfit...that's a must have;)