Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sleepless in Houston

 So while I hope each and every one of you were sound asleep last Thursday.... my little baby boy was not :(
We were at Texas Children's in the ER...for six long hours from 9 pm until 3 am. 
Thursday during the day was a normal day for Jack, once I got off work we went to play at a friends house and again all was normal. We ate dinner at our friends house played a little more and then around 6: 30 pm decided to head back over to our house. Kevin said that as soon as Jack walked in he noticed that he was walking funny but thought its because he needed a diaper change. Once the diaper was changed he then asked me to come in and I immediately noticed his leg doing some very strange. He had gone from playing normal to somehow coming to our house and walking with a very pronounced limp leg. It was odd, scary and confusing. We kept asking him if his leg hurt, we attempted to check him ourselves and he was acting if nothing was wrong, yet when he walked something was VERY wrong. It was not the look of "oh maybe he just hurt his food" ... this was scary, his leg would sway out far to the side and did it every time he took a step. So after many calls and talks with our pediatrician we headed to the ER. I won't even go into the frustrations of people using the ER as a regular Dr for colds, but we were there for six long hours, and our poor son was exhausted and wanted to go to bed. The ER Dr did rule out a few things (with xrays and exam) for us but really wasn't able to give us any answers on what this was. The next morning the leg kick out wasn't as far, but it still was there, so we took him as requested by the ER Dr to our Pediatrician office, where he was checked out again. He still is walking a little funny but the kick out isn't really there anymore, so all we can think of is that he played a little to hard and strained something, but with that you would think there would be some pain associated somewhere... however he was no showing of pain anywhere. When the Drs moved his legs and joints in every different direction there was no flinch and no cries. He otherwise has been acting 100% normal, no fever, eating fine and running laps in our house like a two year old does. His limp basically isn't holding him back, its as if he doesn't he know he is doing it. Which to me was/is the scary thing about it.
Such a mystery but we are glad each day he is showing improvement and that is what our Dr is looking for.

I think this was around 1 am in our patient room, poor little guy was so tired but just couldn't go to bed. Thank heavens for the iPad

But even with all of this... life with a toddler still moves on!
We stayed put on Friday and Sat morning put up the Christmas decorations. The front door felt a little bare so we found a few things around the house to put this together.
We all needed a little cheer to perk us up, we were so tired!
We have read through just about every book in the house this weekend ...
...and we took a few warm baths to help with the leg.
To keep it interesting we brought in shaving cream to play with!

Saturday afternoon we wanted to get out of the house, so we headed over to The Badeaux casa for some football cheerin, chip munchin, and toy playin'
 The little boys took over the media room with Winnie the Pooh... lol  
 While the big boys took over the living room with jumps and high fives
 Everyone was so excited that the Texans won the 1st round of the playoffs, it had sure been a while!

And we sure hope its a while before we ever see another ER!
Here is hoping to this is gone just as fast as it came on.
Oh never a dull moment :)



Anonymous said...

We have done ear infections, pneumonia, broken arm that needed plates and pins, subdermal hemotoma from snowboarding, car roll over, totaled car etc. It NEVER gets easier even when they get older and can tell you what is wrong! You will worry about your "babies" even when they are in their 20's!They seem to get through it all better than the parents!


The Crazy Castros said...

Oh Jess so sorry to hear but to make u feel better this has happened to several of my friends kiddos ;) it'd the weirdest thing but they recover and all is well. Kids are so tough I tell you! Next time call me before going to the ER I can call our supervisors it mIght help ;)

Candice said...

How scary, Jess! Glad that he seems to be doing better.

Lindsay said...

You guys must have been so scared! Poor Jack (and mom and dad)! I'm glad to hear he's doing better. The ER is a scary place.

Jane said...

So scary!! Hutch jumped off the ottoman at the end of our bed about a month ago, and fell pretty hard. We noticed later that night that he was limping. He was not in pain, and said he did not hurt anywhere, but he was still limping. The next morning he was limping worse. I took him to our pedi, who immediately sent us for xrays, he pretty much had his whole lower body xrayed, pelvis and all. It showed absolutely nothing, yet he continued to limp. The dr. said if he continued to limp that they would send him to pedi ortho, that it could be a crack in the growth plate that would not immediately show up on xray. He limped for almost a week, getting a little better with each day, but it was super scary! Keep an eye on him, make sure the limp does go away!! I am assuming that Hutch just bruised something or pulled something. Hope Jack gets better soon :(.

Meg O. said...

Oh my gosh, how scary!!! I wonder what that could have been. I'm very happy that Jack is feeling okay!!