Monday, January 2, 2012

Looking forward to a New Year

 The end of the year always brings the time when we stop to take a moment and reflect about what the year has brought our families. We love that we started this blog as a baby book for Jack and its given us a way to look back with ease! We often sit back and go through previous months and say "oh my look how little he was". Jack has certainly turned into a little boy and is continually developing and blowing us away with his smarts. 
To put it simple 2011 was excellent! (That is Jacks favorite word right now).  
I wonder if 2012 can get any better, but I know it will. We will take all that we have learned, gained and accomplished and apply it to have even more for this year!
More happiness, more love, more family time, more friends, more opportunities and just more smiles!
I'm looking forward to capturing a new year!


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Chas said...

What, no photos??? Need some Jack photos, it has been 3 days!