Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Eve

Year end means I'm busy as a bee with work, deals often close at the 11th hour and that can mean late hours during Christmas and New Years. Jack is at an age where having a sitter is a great few hours for us and really fun for Jack. We have a few sitters on our list that we have from (which has been really great for us). We were very last minute with our plans since I was in limbo with work, but we ended up still having a really great night and everything came together!

We got a cancellation reservation to Philippe, which is one of my favorite Houston restaurants, yum!

 We then came home for a few minutes to make sure I didn't have to save any lives at work (sometimes I think with all the "urgent" or "emergency" emails we get during year end, I might as well call myself a Dr.. ha)
Then we again were so lucky, I reached out to my friend Maura totally last minute and she graciously made us VIP for here:

 Discovery Green was packed, I don't even know how many people were down there, but the VIP area (yes I know I like saying that...thanks Maura) was so spacious..and had free drinks and outstanding food!

 Oh the yummy food.... this was my favorite..
I might have had two scoops of ice cream on top :)

 complimentary glow sticks galore.... I even got to take a few home for Jack :)
  and the countdown begins...

 ha ha the lights were so bright :)
Kevin and I might have just been going willy nilly...
but it turned out to be the perfect way to ring in our new year!




Donna said...

How fun! I need to check out that site for sitter options.

Lindsay said...

Maura gave you guys the HOOK UP! That NYE party looks awesome! We saw it on TV, but it looks better in your pictures!