Sunday, January 15, 2012

Neighborly Weekend

This weekend we had a low key weekend hanging out a lot with our neighbors.
We went to River Oaks Elementary and played with the rocket launch that Wes brought. 
 I think Daddy wished we had our own rocket launch, it was pretty cool and easy for the tots too! :)  

Jack & Wes
The boys were little risk takers climbing the spider web...
..and look at Wes, he got up there pretty far! Wowzers!

After a run at the park we headed over to Berryhill, where at our location kids eat free on Saturday and get free ice cream. Score!

Debbie is pregnant with another friend for us! So exciting!
oh and don't forget to add the sprinkles to your ice cream!

On Sunday morning we woke up and joined a bunch of our neighbors to cheer on the runners of the Houston Marathon. The race path runs right behind our houses so its been a neighborly gathering spot each year for us.

We were so excited that we got to cheer on our neighbor Mr. Suttles 
David was so excited to see his Daddy, so cute!
Bringing out the cow bell for the boys to bang on

and shake shake shake those maracas 

there are always a few costumes that make us laugh :) men in tutus...silly boys!
After we got all our cheering in, we walked back to our houses. Of course the boys had to stop and check out the newest fun on our street...a new house will be here soon. 

We took naps and watched the Texans playoff (so sad they didn't make it). Then Mommy and Daddy got on running gear and took a jog around memorial park while Jack relaxed in his stroller. After we decided to treat ourselves to Yia Yia Mary's for some hummus (Jacks favorite). 

Pretty good little weekend! 
Oh and Jack's limp is gone as of Saturday. Thank heavens, that was a long week of worry!


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Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Seriously awesome photos! That climby thing looks insane!