Sunday, January 22, 2012

Legos, Victory Vipers & Rolly Pollies

I got up very early Saturday morning to go check out an estate sale which happen to just be a few blocks from us. I have always loved this house because the flower gardens are amazing and the house is just grand and beautiful, so when I saw there was an estate sale it intrigued me and I knew I had to go. It turns out the lady that lives in the house fell in love with someone in NYC and just decided to take what she wanted and leave an almost packed house behind. I couldn't believe my eyes on all that was left for sale in this 7 or 8 bedroom home. It was massive and her tastes are impeccable.
Any who I had so much fun checking out this very wealthy family's "left overs", call me weird but its just interesting to me! My score of the morning were two huge tubs full of legos for $10! I got home and the boys were just waking up (told you I was up early!) and so I told Jack I had a surprise for him in the living room. I'm not sure who was more excited, but they had so much fun digging through the legos! Jack still isn't to sure on what to do with them yet, but I'm sure the building will soon come!

This I'm sure is just the beginning to me finding legos all over the house..... 
hence finding this one in his crib that he told me was in "time out"
After our morning of legos, we got ready for our friend Avery's birthday party. 
Her party was held at her friends place Victory Vipers Gymnastics Center and boy did we have so much fun! Jack right away ran over to the foam pit and wanted to be tossed in!
...Daddy wasn't far behind him :) 

Then it was off to check out all the other fun that was to be had. 

Avery looked so darling in her Hello Kitty outfit!

My friend Heather is expecting another friend for us! She already has one beautiful little girl (Avery) and she is pregnant with another girl! 

After lots of running around we got in the car and headed over to Sienna Plantation. 
Since we were in the area we decided to check out a few houses that we had seen online. 
The house search for us is always on, we still haven't found the perfect one, 
but we are hopeful some new contenders will pop on the market this spring!
But we still had fun at the park and hello another reason we love Sienna....
Snow on the hill for the kids ..just because! So fun! 

Then we drove back home and worked up an appetite and thirst for margaritas at Ninfas :) 
Sunday we hit the legos again :) 

..and went over to our friends Rick and Christine's house where we found some new friends...
That's right...Jacks first sighting of a rolly polly! Oh how I love having a little boy!  

Love his little face :) He was giggling so much
Oh and no naps the entire weekend... uh we are tired with smiles :) 



Lindsay said...

We drove out to Sienna today! No snow though. :-(

The Crazy Castros said...

I seriously cannot wait till you move here;))) praying you find the perfect home for your sweet family!!!'

Candice said...

Oh, Ninfas how I miss you! I grew up in Houston and loved going there...then I moved to Austin...and no Ninfas :( Looks like you had a great weekend!

brynn said...

victory vipers!!! that place looks like a blast ;)

can WE go to ninfas, please?!

Maura said...

Oh my gosh you guys are so busy!! I wanna play in that foam pit! And I looove that lime green head band!