Friday, December 2, 2011

Special Delivery

 We have become very good friends with the post office and our mail carrier this past week! 
Our love for this season is huge and I hope Jack as he grows loves it more and more each year. Growing up, giving in small ways to put smiles on friends faces is our way of doing, and it makes it so special to have Jack here to help.

So when we were in line at Micheal's Craft store, Jack and I decided that our friends needed to have these adorable Dear Santa letters. 
So we crafted a note and found Santa's address ...

 ...stuffed them in our mail enevelopes

 ..sealed them with a kiss...
 ..and off they went! I hope all our friends have been nice this year and in return stockings full!
While I would love for my close girlfriends to all live in the same city, we don't, so so instead of a Christmas playdate where I would shower their little bitties with something sweet I'm doing it via mail and spreading my love via gingerbread girls/boys on shirts. Are they just not the cutest? Of course Jack got one too!
 There is another Mama who is perfect at spreading cheer, and her boys Carson & Slade sent us a really sweet surprise! Our first paper advent calender! I thought it was the cutest idea and Jack loved it!

 He wouldn't just settle for opening Dec 1st, and so Dec 14th is missing its chocolate too...ha
 My love for Christmas cards, oh dear!!, I have no fret when our Christmas card list grows each year because it just means I get to see more lovely faces on our card wall. December mail is my favorite, I treat each card as a present and get thrilled to see whats inside!
I shall wait another week or so before I post the design we picked, its one of my favorites so far!

 From Texas (with boots) to your home, I hope our mailings make you smile bright!


Jessica said...

I just ran across your blog through Lea Liz & wanted to tell you that your little man is just precious! I love those gingerbread man shirts too! :)

the tichenor family said...

We LOVED our letters to Santa and are planning on writing them this weekend, you are so creative and thoughtful... a mama after my own heart!

I am so glad Jack loved his Advent Calendar! It's been such a fun tradition and we've loved sending them year after year.

I LOVE Jackson's Reindeer shirt and the Gingerbreads, where did you find them?

Kristyn said...

I stumbled upon your blog through my friend Chasity! I absolutely LOVE your personalized labels...where are they from!?!? Must have! Also- I just had my first little boy in September and with our nanny starting this week and me going back to work in January, reading your blog has made me feel 10000 times better about being able to "do it all!" Thank you!!!