Wednesday, November 30, 2011


 Kev and I are having a little staycation as they call it, where you don't leave your city but still pretend to be on vacation. We took a few days off work to hang out together and its been so nice! Since we have Nelvi we are enjoying the day time to ourselves.  We ran a few errands together in the morning, and I even got Kev to get a pedicure with me, that took some begging and there are no pictures, sorry Olson. ha!

So after the morning we headed over to the movies.
You know when Kevin is on vacation because he gets all scruffy from not shaving and tries to convince me that he is going to keep it and grow it out. Of course that never happens :)  
Kevin picked the IMAX and we just went with what the ticket cashier said was best, so the showing of Born to be wild was our movie. It was narrated by Morgan Freeman and we both really enjoyed it, well the only ones to enjoy it this afternoon!

We got home and then decided since we had such a fun day, we wanted Jack to have a little fun too. Yup, Chuck got a visit for dinner. Jack knows him by name and can get you there from our house, by saying "turn this way" and he can positively route you there with just two turns! Our CC is super clean and we were maybe one of 5 fams there, so it was perfect.

Perfect little day and looking forward to tomorrow!


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Meg O. said...

Love me some Staycations! Glad y'all had fun. How funny you were the only ones at the IMAX!