Tuesday, November 29, 2011

At Christmas, all roads lead home.

I wanted to wait until December 1st to post this, but I was just too excited about our house and seeing that all my friends are just on schedule with us, it's time to share our home for the holidays!

But before I get to the pretty, lets talk about the ugly. The ugly called our garage. I'm certain had we waited until after Christmas the producers from the show Hoarders could have filmed our pile-o-tastic garage! It was getting so bad, and while its not the best way to spend a vacation day, Kevin and I took the day off to tackle this beast! We live in an 1800 square foot house, and while eventually I would love to get to the burbs and live in a huge home, but in the city we are at capacity of this darling ranch home, so all our stuff that we don't use just "goes to the garage". When that happens, you get this....

 But we did have fun sorting through it all...sad to say my Halloween costume that I made out of boxes that won me the coveted 1st prize a few years back...is laying on our curb. It was just time to say goodbye..

While we were working really hard, Jack was inside putting together and sorting the ornaments for our main tree in the living area. He also went on a play date with our Nanny and her friend and she wore him out. He came home at 1: 30 pm and napped until 5: 30 pm! So having Nelvi help us in the garage was a life saver, yes we needed three people! wowzers!

So on to the pretty...I did Christmas a little different this year, but first I will start with the basics that we have always done...

The living room tree :)
 I did add these new bird houses to go with our birds that we had.
The houses came from target, and I think they are just presh!
 Jack helped sort through all the ornaments

 and a few minutes later (our tree is so easy to put together)....
 I took one of my burlap coffee bags and just tossed it at the base and it was complete!
 ..and just so happy that my birds have homes now. Though if you are thinking what I'm thinking they are going to have to lay off the Christmas caramel corn to get in that hole...ha!
The stockings are hung and ready for stuffers

The entrance to the play room has the same garland with a new ribbon, I always hate to take it down, it feels so bare come February!

 Our Thankful tree has turned Merry!
 This beauty is from Kev's sister and I love it by the front door, as it still smells so good!
 We have a few Jolly fellas around the house that make me smile. This one is in my office.
 The guest bath has a charlie brown tree, and Jack loves to check it out during his baths!
What's different this year? Well we have the most adorable "sweet treat" tree that is done in the kitchen, with all sorts of drool worthy delights but they are also very breakable and this Christmas Jackson is showing a ton of interest in the trees. So I decided that putting a tree up that has what looks like candy and cake all over it wasn't the best idea. Along with my Christopher Radko display I put them away for a year in hopes that next year we are in a larger house that has a spot to put these treasures out of harms way.

So instead of those I actually did a different tree that I have not done before and this one is so special! You see the first Christmas after Kevin and I got married, his Mom brought down a huge container full of boxed ornaments and I had no clue that they would be for us.... She let Stacy (Kevs sister) and I go through them all and pick the ones we wanted. Stacy and I put a system together to ensure we were both happy with our selection, we sorted and then did "ok you pick one, I pick one"... and I think we both left thinking we scored! The ornaments are Hallmark, and were purchased all throughout the years of Kev/Stacy childhood. They are also all in the original boxes, which is just too neat ! We each received enough for a full tree and I saved mine knowing that I would want this for my little boy or girl! So when I pulled them out for the first year I was so excited to remember that I picked out a lot of the ones that were boy/sports related Santa's, how appropriate for our little Jack! I actually have a full tree worth of sassy pink ornaments (that I always did in college on my tree) so if we ever have a girl we have a tree for her too!

I debated on where to put Jacks tree and finally ended up picking his toy room, because we purchased a train to go around the tree. (train is from Walgreen's best $30 spent, and they still have them! It has real train sounds and even blows smoke!) He has woken up every morning and made a bee line for the tree, while the ornaments are fragile, I have been letting him touch and explore. He has been very gentle, and after all its his tree, so surely he has to be able to touch.
Here are my favorites from this tree...

And this one seems to be Jacks favorite right now, each morning he has looked for the white ski bear.
I love this Days of Christmas house and looking forward to Dec 1st to start opening the doors! Though our little boy has figured out something must go in them, so we will be filling one at a time the night before!

No house is complete without a few simple decorations out front...

 ...I told Jack the big light on top of Willimas Tower is our light for Santa,
it will help him lead the way to our house!

So there you have it, Christmas cheer has arrived at our home!
 Now its time to rest on the couch with the hubs and call it a day!



stacy :) said...

ok, absolutely gorgeous as usual, and of course I love the Hallmark tree - hope at least one of Kevin's Eskimo buddies made it onto the tree!! and I can't believe the olive wreath survived and still looks so good! thanks for a lovely post - :) s

Meg O. said...

Can I just say that everything you do decorating wise is just GORGEOUS?!?!?! OMG I love it all!!

Momma Wilson said...

love love love!!! y'all did a great job mama:)

The Crazy Castros said...

You are so creative and cute!!! Jack looks sooo very happy love that little man;)

Gloria said...

Such a huge smile on my face while reading your sweet post and seeing your photos of Kevin's childhood ornaments! It is so heartwarming to know that Jack is now enjoying the same decorations his Daddy and Aunt hung on our tree each year. Those keepsakes found a perfect home with you! I love reading your post over and over! Thank you, Jess!

Gloria said...


Ashley Beth said...

I had to come back and look at your pictures again. Beautiful!

casey pollard said...

i just found your blog and i am in LOVE with all your decorations. i am on my way to target after work to get some bird houses. beautiful!