Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus

 Toddlers are creatures of habit. The past few Saturdays we have had birthday parties or events where we have dressed up and Jack has put two and two together. So this morning when I had the nice Christmas john john laying out for him to wear, he looked at Kevin and I and said "Happy Birthday", then followed that by singing the birthday song and asking for cake...ha! He has figured out when I pull out a nice outfit he has to be going to a birthday party. So he was sort of right, as today the Christmas Party at St. Martins Church was indeed a celebration of baby Jesus, so we called it Happy Birthday Baby Jesus party, and we sang the birthday song to baby Jesus on the way there. Once we arrived there was so much for us to do!

Making reindeer food
 Gingerbread cookie decorating

Pictures with Santa

 Nativity stickers

 Jack didn't get cake, but cookies will do!

 Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!


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Donna said...

Beautiful Mom and lil boy picture! You are looking fabulous lady!