Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lights in the Heights

This was the second year for us to enjoy such a neat annual light event here in Houston. 
We had a few of our friends over for pizza and then we headed out to enjoy the night. 

Jack woke up from his nap to see his stroller transformed...he was thrilled that HE could control the lights!
 Smiley baby boy ready for his friends and lights!
 Costco pizza is the best!

 We were on the hunt for hot chocolate and settled for wine, not so bad :)

 This house was our favorite, the dance party for the kids was amazing!

and while this picture is fuzzy, it gives you an idea of how popular the dance party house was! 
 It took us a while to get the kids willing to leave the dance party but we did and found other fun things to look at!

 This house was my favorite last year, and again is my favorite. Its just so beautiful!!
 Christmas Carolers

 Super duper fun night, we will be back again next year!



Meg O. said...

This looks like so much fun!! I've never been before... gotta check it out next year!

the clark family. said...

Okay, Jess, I just have to tell you- I love your blog so much. I look at it every time you update, even though I've become LOUSY at commenting (I blame it on the iPad, which I have trouble getting to let me use the right accounts with)... I still read and love hearing about your precious family. I am going to stove to be better about leaving you love.