Saturday, December 10, 2011

Adventures in Babysitting

 Ok so maybe we didn't meet Thor (if one of your favorite movies is Adventures in Babysitting you will get it), but I think we still had a pretty fun night. We took care of Wes on Friday night while his Mommy & Daddy went to a holiday party. We had sooooo much fun! We did everything we normally don't do, and so I'm pretty sure this is why the boys didn't want the night to end.......
 This is all normal stuff, we do.......

 (How cute is this picture?! Of course I might have posed the arm, but they are the cutest little things!)

 this is not normal stuff... but dance party on the table was so fun the boys chanted "do it again"
 ...and eating ice cream before bed time, probably isn't going to induce sleepy time, but it was yummy!!
 ...back to normal after ice cream. We went into Jack's room to read books...LOTS of books!
 Then off to a bubble bath!

 ..more books :)
 We tried to lay them down in Jacks room but they were just toooooo excited, so we decided to try the living room and watch a movie to help get them nice and sleepy.

 ...we finally got them to bed around 10: 30 pm... Toots! But it was so much for for Jackson (and us!) and we welcome Wes over any night for a sleepover!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! Wes had the best time. He woke up asking to go back!