Saturday, November 12, 2011

Date Night

 Thank heavens for Grandparents! We got to attend a friends Welcome to Houston party while Gran and Grandpa had a BUSY time playing with Jack. I'm not sure how Jack had any energy to keep go go going but he finally pooped out around 8: 30 pm. Where Gran said he crawled up next to her on the couch and rested his little head on her and she knew that was his way of saying he was ready for night night. So sweet! 

Thank you for letting us have a break for the night! xoxo

Horns up even though we!



The Miskell Family said...

You look amazing!!!! xoxo

mandell said...

You are so precious! I am loving the stripes with that leopard print scarf, which is now at the top of my shopping list! Thanks!