Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fun-omenal Family Fesitval

 While Daddy was out golfing Jack and I decided to meet up with our friends Nicole and Klein for an afternoon at Discovery Park. They were having a family festival from 12 to 6 when it hit 3:15 pm and Jack was still asleep, I did what every Mom knows you shouldn't do.. I woke baby boy up. I paid for it, he was not a happy camper for the start, but eventually he did warm up and we ended up really having a fun little night! I'm not sure if the festival was all that great (and honestly maybe its not getting a fair shake since yesterdays festival was amazing), but when you are two years old, any place with a jumpy/bounce area is pretty cool....and we really liked the music that we stumbled upon at the end.

 ha look at that face... just not feeling it at first. I think he was still asleep!
 But Klein was excited and loved bouncing up and down!
 So we decided to check out the other areas and found this super cool art cart!

 Clearly the Moms were enjoying this much more than our boys...ha!

 FINALLY we got a smile and all was good!

 a serious artist at work with his macaroni

 Nothing works better than a little sugar to get you going, so we had a snow cone, where Jack picked out his own flavor. Thank gosh he didn't pick blue, though red wasn't any better. 
I tried to get him to pick clear, but I know..that's no fun, so red it was!

 We watched the band get ready for a little while but decided that we needed to go try the bouncing again...someone was ready :)

 Once we had our share of jumping we went back and got a little dancing out of our system. We loved this family band and I wish I had remembered the name. Her songs were so cute and Jack loved moving around!
 Here is a video of Jack showing some fancy moves, whats great is that he didn't know that I was filming him, until he turns around and realizes it and got embarrassed which I got on the video.. so cute!



Meg O. said...

What a fun time! Y'all always find the coolest outings to go to! I should follow you around when I've got my baby! haha

Lea Liz said...

Looks like so much fun!!!

You always so cute Mama!!!!