Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Woodlands Children Festival

 This morning we all woke up 8 am (awesome) but that caused us to scurry through the house trying to pack up for our big day up in The Woodlands. I had read about the annual Children's Festival in a kids magazine and I knew that we would have a wonderful time with all that was there! It did not disappoint and we will for sure be doing this next year, it was an absolute blast and the entire festival was jam packed with activities. The best part is that there was just one entry fee and that's it, no tickets, no coins... you got to do whatever you wanted once you were in! We met up with Jack's best friend Wes (our next door neighbor) and his Daddy. The boys loved exploring together and I couldn't stop taking pictures of them, their friendship is so darling! 

So here are all the pictures (there are a ton) showing the fun we had ....

 Thomas the Train show (20 mins) and I think it would have been better if they didn't have the speakers up as if it was a rock concert, it was just too loud, but really fun to sing along once we got used to the sound.

 Then it was off to play in the sand (it was hard to get them to leave here) but we had so much more to see!

 Funniest thing ever to watch toddlers as human kites. The wind was blowing and it took Wes for a little ride, while Jack was having no part of it and wanted out :) ha

 running, lots of running to the next thing!
 Kite making was up next, and the boys really got their kites up! It was so cute to see them so excited about flying their own kites!

 Why of course there has to be animals!

 And it isn't Houston without some really cool art cars...even better when kids are allowed to touch!
 we were all banging and making sweet tunes!

 Take a little break to dance with Disney Radio, yes please!
 oh the chalk! The boys loved the chalk!

All the Houston sports teams had something fun for the kids to do, we checked out a few of them!

 Pray that our boys never have to be in an ambulance other than just to play in it at a festival!
We got to take our picture with a beautiful Nutcracker Fairy!
 ...and we scored a free kids meal from our favorite cow!
 I'm pretty sure the boys favorite part of the day...
 train rides! Though we had to wait a little while for this one, so we decided to have a few snacks.

 For the love of music!

 Planting seeds

 Making the real deal Mr. Potato head!

 Paper cardboards are the best, I think they spent about 10 minutes just coloring and giggling! They wouldn't allow anyone else to come in their spaceship and kept holding the doors shut. 
Total toots but we finally learned to share the space!

 I'm telling you there was SO much for them to do!!

 Last thing we did was head over to check out the firetruck where these two fire captains took control!
What a day! We were all worn out as we had gone past our nap time, so that left for one tired baby boy! However he could have kept going, he was having just too much fun! We will for sure be back!!!!


Jane said...

What a fun day!!! You all do the coolest things. Jack is such a blessed little boy!

katiedid said...

I am loving your sweater, boots, and tights combo! So cute!!