Sunday, October 30, 2011

spooktacular saturday

The stars were aligned today...we had a full day planned, everything went smooth and we all had fun! I will be sad to see October leave us, this month has been a blast for our family!

First up bright and early arrived Mimi to have a morning play date. We cooked breakfast, played with our trains and then headed off to Ikea. We were on a mission to find a cute table for our play room that Jack could as well eat at. 

I wish I had my camera at Ikea because I had no idea how much fun it could be for kids. Jack was running around the children's department like a wild banshee, but there was no one in sight so we let him have at it. We also found the cutest table and chair, its gorgeous! The coloring is almost a antique gray and it for sure doesn't look like it comes from Ikea! However just my luck the Houston store has the chairs and the Austin store has the table. So I have my best friends mom on the hunt to score us the table. This picture doesn't do it justice, its really so cute and the coloring is more of a brushed on shabby/french look.

We got home and Mimi needed to get ready for a Halloween party she was attending. 
She was the cutest Mimi witch we had ever seen!

Once Mimi left we put Jack down for a nap around noon. 2 pm quickly came and Jack was ready to rock and roll. We improvised on costumes, with both Jack and Daddy as football players.
I on the other hand borrowed one of my Moms costumes and loved it! I have an entire bin full of costumes for myself but when I saw this on my Mom I knew I had to borrow it :)
With a bribe pop in hand we went to the annual Kruger Halloween party!

Danielle, Noah & Nathan Kruger  ....yeeeeehaw!

They had the cutest spread and oh my the tastiest bites. Ruffles dipped in chocolate!?! Sign me up!
Nathan knocking out the Biggest Loser (love it!)
...and how creative is this, love the train track!!
Jack wouldn't leave this little Frankenstein alone, it danced and he was just in love with it!
He was also in love with the cupcakes and was requesting a 2nd by tossing a mini fit, so we decided it was time to hit the road as we had another party to attend!
A quick pit stop at home for Mom and Dad to change and off to Missouri City for David's 4th birthday party!
Maria invited us over to share in the fun and I'm so glad we got to! It was perfect fall weather and it got me excited for Monday, with all the kids running around in costumes! 
We sat with a fellow longhorn family and we had such a great night with the kids!

Once Daddy got in the bounce house Jack had no fear and was a jumping machine!

Happy 4th Birthday David!
We called Gran/Grandpa to let them know we would be close, so we stopped by after the birthday to say hi.

We pulled out Meet the Sight Words flash cards, as he has been watching the DVD's that Grandma bought him and JACK SHOCKED us, I knew he could recognize a few of the words, but he proved that he knew TEN of them! We kept going and he kept saying them!! We are soooo proud of him and he was so proud of himself! Such a fun moment to share!

But then it was back to playing and showing off his dance moves ... ha
What a busy and great day...and to end it with some sweet kisses sounds like the cherry on top!



The Crazy Castros said...

Jess thanks for coming!!! So nice meeting your sweet family~ wish I could have visited w you guys,but you know how it is;)))

Chas said...

I bought that same table and chairs for my sister's kids. You are the prettiest, most perfect Cleo! The cowboy family is a cute costume idea, wish I'd thought of it!

Jack is just a hoot. (toot!)

I pinned the Ruffles...!

The Miskell Family said...

#1 Im so bummed I missed the blogger meetup and time to hangout with you! My inlaws suprised us- oh boy!

#2 I love the marroon pants outfit. Sooooo cute. I just bought some mauve colored jeans and cant wait to wear them.

#3 Cant wait to see you soon at the favorite things party. so excited!