Friday, October 28, 2011

little gobblins

 Today was a full day of costumes, candy and children! We headed out for school this morning in one of our costumes. Today Jack was a darling little giraffe, and yep I had to give him a sucker to get it on him :) It was also really chilly out this morning so we just made with what we had to keep Jack warm for the rest of the costume. I think it all turned out so cute :)

 He figured out he had a tail and couldn't stop laughing it was soooo cute!
 I came back to his school as I volunteered to help with the class party. There were a ton of kids in the class today as they allowed all days to come today for the party. It was a zoo, and Jack fit in just perfect!

 Jack really focused his pumpkin to make sure that it lined up just right to knock down the pins!

Then we came home and Jack took a nap while I enjoyed my day off from work, running around getting things ready for an upcoming event I'm hosting. Once Jack woke up we headed over to my dear friend Chasity's house for a little Halloween play date with all our friends. 
She had her house decorated so cute and had pint size bites for the tots and delish drinks for the Moms!

 By this point Jack was tired of his costume, so I didn't make him wear it, but everyone looked adorable!

Mommy is pooooooped and Jack is somehow still running around the house as I type this! Is it 8 pm yet :) ??
We have another full day tomorrow too! A date with Mimi, another Halloween tot party and a birthday party!
Wowzers! October is always so busy but we do love it :)
Happy Friday!



The Crazy Castros said...

Sooo cute;) hope to meet that sweet boy tomorrow;))

Chas said...

Thanks for coming! Georgia also had a rough time going to bed, she was so wired from partying all afternoon.

Lindsay said...

LOVE Jack's costume!