Thursday, October 27, 2011

Less than 2 months

Christmas is almost here and I know this because my 30 minute Costco trip now takes me an hour...all because of three jammed packed aisles of bright shiny buttons for my son to press! And don't you know we have to go down ALL THREE. 
There is no fooling him, he knows there are three, he is such a smart little cookie!
We went in for wipes and came out with a few things to add to Santas list.

and I wish we could add this to the list, but we just don't have any room. I just sat on the stool and watched him play for a while in this great kitchen. I could hear him telling himself, "wash your hands, dry them off". And then he was telling himself "be careful" when he was near the little oven. So so so so cute! 
He was cooking grapes and ketchup for me and even gave me a spoon! How delish!

and because my phone only holds about 10 pictures and that I had to text them to my husband who then had to email them to me, this is on Mommy's Santa list! I've heard that Siri is amazing, I hope she babysits too?


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