Wednesday, October 26, 2011

spoiled sweet

My Dad and Edith spoil Jack so much, I love it so!
The post man dropped of a box and Jack came barreling in with a box that was bigger than him, saying "Mommy open the box". (notice the word THE, we have been watching a meet the sight words that Kevin's mom got us and I think its sinking in!! I couldn't believe when I heard him say THE in his sentence! amazing!) I think with all these special deliveries we will be very ready and know what to do at Christmas, ha! We were on the phone after we opened our box of treats to thank my Dad and Papa started laughing because he could hear Jack saying "all done, more candy" which I told him no sir, as he had scarfed down a twix bite and lolly pop! My Dad promptly said "oh come on let my boy have some candy"... ha! So he might have gotten one more piece because of Papa... Jack says Thanks!

 I am off of work on Friday because we have a school fall festival and a afternoon Halloween play date with friends, so Jack will be wearing this!! LOVE!
 he is saying "open candy, open candy"
Checking out his Mr. P, how perfect is that with all the eyes. He has tried to put so many eyes on all his craft projects lately..ha!

 Here is all the loot Jack received....

 Yep we are spoiled sweet in this house! Thank you sooooo much! We love yall!
Here is a video of Jack saying thank you :)



Jane said...

SO cute! Hutch is candy crazy, and has learned really well to say PLEASE for everything. So, he thinks if he says please he gets it....and he usually does :).

Meg O. said...

What a cutie! Such a sweet spoiled boy!

Candice said...

Love it! My son has the same animals and he just loves them :) We've enjoyed getting care packages lately's so fun to see their reactions. Hope you have a great weekend and a wonderful Halloween!