Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat Give me something Good to eat!!

 Last night we had so much fun with our little guy, running around with his neighbor buddies and trying to use our manners (sometimes)! I love Halloween and we started right at 5: 30 so that we could get in all of our street! The boys had a blast, here are the pictures from our night!

 Yep we had to get him a sucker to keep that Mickey head on, but it worked :)

 Isn't this the cutest, how they are checking each other out!
 At first Jack wanted Kevin to hold him when we went up to the door...
but he quickly remembered what to do and what how much fun it was to ask grab for the treats!

These two pictures crack me up, the boys were taking turns knocking on the doors and Jackson was sooooo excited because it was HIS turn to knock on the door. So he ran up to that door and then he started slowing down as he got closer, and finally he stopped turned around and pushed his buddies to go knock. Ha ha ha ha ...he wasnt knocking on the door with the skeleton! so cute!

Mimi came with us and helped wrangle up all the little goblins, what a big help!
 Checking out all his candy...

 We met up with the rest of our neighbor friends, who were dressed so cute!

 ...and the hat finally did come off, but he had it on for a long time :)

 While Jack had another sucker I passed out treats on the porch. Jack and Mimi watched from the window :)



Lindsay said...

I think every comment I leave for you is about how adorable Jack is, but it's so true! I love his Mickey Mouse costume!

Lea Liz said...

I love Jack's mickey costume, so cute!!!

Maura said...

ahh your family is so cute!!!! Jack looks ADORABLE in his costume!!

Chas said...

OMG Jess, that costume is too much! It has an actual little TAIL haha!

Candice said...

Aww, cute! It looks like he got the hang of it quickly :)

Kelly's Avenue said...

This is too cute!!! Love his costume