Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mr. Mom & California Dreams

With my job I have to travel every few months, and this past week was my quarter close. Packing up and leaving my boys is always so hard...and sometimes I even leave with a tear and pouty lips, but I remind myself that when I am in town I'm thankful for the flexibility that my job affords me, so the occasional work trip isn't too bad. While I was gone Kevin was Mr. Mom and he does such a great job, he is an amazing father! Jackson is very much a Daddy's boy these days, so I'm certain Jackson was loving his time with just Dad. I had to stay in California on Friday until all my deals went through so we couldn't take a flight out until Saturday. So instead of being on a flight during the day on Saturday I took an afternoon flight, 
so that I could drive to San Fransisco late Friday night and then spend the day with one of my best girlfriends in San Fransisco, Kristin. 

While I was out on Saturday Kevin and his mom took Jack to one of my favorite garden spots in Houston, Cornelius Nursery for the Fall festival. I was so impressed when I got home to see the all the pictures and that Jack was even in a festive smocked outfit :) After the fall festival they went over to the park, and had an awesome time. Jack was in awe of Grans basketball skills! Go Team Gran!!!

I love California but there is nothing like being home, with your family, and in your own bed!
And FINALLY here in Houston we have fall like weather :)


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