Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Great Pumpkin

This year Jack is old enough to enjoy all the fun that comes with fall. I have so much planned for our family this October, our first stop on the list was the St. Luke's pumpkin patch. We had so much fun looking at all the pumpkins and picking the perfect ones for our house! 

 Look there they are!!
 I had to share this picture, his outfit and the way he is standing cracks me up, and he was not happy that Daddy had to go back to the car, see I told you he is a Daddy's boy!
 I always wonder how people get those adorable pumpkin pictures, our little one will not sit still, oh well, I think they are still cute :)

 On our way to find the GREAT pumpkin!

 Jack spotted his perfect pick!

 We finally decided on the ones we were getting and started to pull our BIG haul!
 yes the orange one is HUGE, picked by Daddy

 It's hard work pickin' so we had to take a break to get some water and a little snack :)

 Yay for Mommy being back home and for making a check mark on our fall list!



Meg O. said...

Y'all just look plain adorable!

Jane said...

OMG, he is TOO cute!! He looks like a little Crewcuts model! Just precious....and you are too :).

Jane said...

where is that cardi from???