Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall list number 2...

 It is long overdue, the front yard has been a mess for months. I took Jack to school this morning (he had to wear a jacket!!!) and on my way out I just couldn't bare the sight of our yard any longer. So when I got home I figured out what I needed and headed out to the garden center!

 Boxwood should be green not yellow :)  
 Jack has had a few tummy issues, so we have taken him off milk for a few days and thus his teeth were bright red this morning from hydrating juice.

 I always have to end up going back to the garden store a few times, so I made sure to buy plenty this go around :)
 I wish Buckley would just stay on our porch but he runs off like a wild bandit, so I tied him to the door so that he could enjoy the beautiful weather!
 We had a few helpers, it was so bad that I had to get an extra hand with the large boxwood in the front bed. But I did all the planting of the flowers (which is the fun part anyways!)

 We were still going when Jack got home from school, so Nini and Jack helped too!
 ...but then he got "yucky dirty" as he calls it and had to go wash his hands, he does not like his hands dirty!
 Finally finished and the yard looks normal again!

 We replaced 7 large boxwood and just re mulched on the large bed, flowers maybe next weekend?

 Here is our next project, Jack and I are going to try and paint this pretty for our door!


Jane said...

It looks amazing!! LOVE the monogram!!!!

Ashley Beth said...

WOW! I love your yard and the beds! They look fabulous.