Saturday, September 24, 2011

Herman Park

 Mommy leaves on Monday for work to California for an entire week. So I let Dad have a little break to go play golf so that Jack and I could have some time before I leave. I met up with my friend Nicole and her precious baby boy, Klein who is 9 months old. We took the boys over to Herman Park and fed the ducks, checked out the Japanese Gardens, rode the train, played in the water area and took a run around the playground. The boys were both worn out after our morning excursion!
Jack was so excited to see the ducks, and was so nice to share his cheerios
  We loved the duck with the white poof on his head!

 Over to the Japanese Gardens, which I had never been in, it was free and such a beautiful spot!
There were lots of fish and turtles for the boys to watch

 As we were at the gardens Jack heard the choo choo train,
 so we decided to take Klein on his first train trip!

 and for some reason Jack decided that the train ride (which he has been on before and we just got back from rides in Disney that WERE scary-ish) was scary and had his hands on his eyes the ENTIRE trip. But don't let those hands fool you, I'm pretty sure that someone was "peeking" the entire time...ha ha such a stinker!
 When we were on the train we passed by the small water spot and made note to come back after our ride. Jack loved running around in the water and cooling off.

 He kept getting stuck in this water area, because the water pressure would be light when he entered but then all of a sudden get really heavy and he would just stand there and put his hands over his eyes. I kept trying to tell him to keep coming but he was just standing there... so then the sweetest thing happened....
 ...this sweet sweet sweet older child, went in grabbed Jacks hand and helped him come out. Then he said to me "mam, can I take him through if I hold his hand?". Yall I thought it was so sweet that this kid just decided that my son needed help and he was going to make sure was able to go through the sprinkler.
I just loved this moment!



The Crazy Castros said...

SOOOO sweet;)))

Jane said...

Fun morning! What a sweet moment with that older boy!

The Miskell Family said...

Ahhhh Jack is so handsome!!!
Hope you can come next Friday...Would love to meet you :)