Friday, September 23, 2011

In the Kitchen with Jackson : Jack's Juice Bar

I took the cuuuutest video with this post and its so large it wont upload :( Makes me so sad because it was so cute watching him count the peaches and berries as he put them in and saying "yuuuuuuumy" ...any who 
I wanted to pick something different for this months in the kitchen post. So I thought we would make a fruit juice smoothie. We made it into a counting game and the end prize was really tasty!
Look @ that hair! We finally did just get a haircut :)



Jane said...

He is so cute, and I LOVE his hair!! I wish just one of mine had gotten curly hair!

Meg O. said...

How cute! He looks so happy with his smoothie!

Amy Jane said...

I Love making smoothies at home!!! We made strawberry, banana (And OJ) ones yesterday!!! I make a huge batch and freeze them in cups and take them to work!! They are the best! What a creative/fun counting game for your sweet, little man!!