Saturday, October 15, 2011

Briargrove Carnival

 I'm certain I am being the best wife for the month of October. Kevin has been enjoying this amazing weather out golfing with his buddies every Saturday and Jack & I have been taking advantage of all the super fun fall festivals. This morning we went to the Briargrove Elem Carnival and we had such a great time, the theme was Bootcamp Bash.

 First stop the train, of course! 3 tickets please (he was still counting the tickets on his fingers..ha)
 He started waving to everyone, cutest thing ever!

 then we marched over to the petting zoo...and we met up with Lynn & Blaire!

 We watched the dunk tank for a little while, and Jackson wanted ME to go in there, noooo I don't think so!
 We checked out all the awesome pumpkins that the teachers had painted, there were some really cool ones!
 There were tons of activities for the kids,
I wanted to check out the bouncy area, but Jack wasn't interested ...toot! 
So we headed over to spend some tickets getting confetti eggs!!

 and right away Mommy had to show Jackson the ropes... boom I got you!!!!
 but don't worry those hands were digging for one to get Mommy right back....

 and then as a boy would do he started stomping on them...ha
 After our confetti fun we took up the challenge of the landmines....
 ..where we had to dig to find the treasure

 Jack was so excited he found a happy face ring. He is all about the dramatics right now, where he asks us to make happy, sad, excited faces to him. Look at that little finger and his happy face ring... ha
Our boot camp challenge was complete, mission fun accomplished!


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