Sunday, October 16, 2011

Discovery Center Fall Festival

 This morning we met up with family (Jacks cousins) to check out the Discovery Center Fall festival. I'm not sure we would add this to our list for next year, but we loved that we got to spend time with family, so any place was just perfect for that. Jack and Sophie are 10 months apart and they are the only two babies in our family, so making sure these two grow up close is so important to us! 

 Trying to find the bird... Sophies boots are tooo darn cute! Love the pink ruffle :)

 We took a break to get snow cones... yumm!

 ..and there is always time for snuggles with Mommy! I shall take these anytime, anywhere with my sweet boy
 Huge sand box...oh how fun! Notice we didn't really do much of the fall games they had, the free stuff was just fine for these two!

 Love this picture and all the curls in this family... just adorable!


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