Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pictures, a new chair & the glue gun is out!

It has been a busy and long week! So this trio was glad to see Friday come :)
Today Jack had his fall preschool photos, I'm not sure how they turned out but we did practice this morning before we left for school! Check out our practice run...ha

 Cheeeeeeeeeese Mommy cheeeeeeeeeeeese
 Now, lets try sitting and smiling...
 Ok ONE MORE smile...
 Mom you said ONE MORE.. come on....
 Yay I think we are done!!!
 Nope NO MORE Mommy :)
 Once Jack got home from school Mimi and Nanie came over to say hi just for a quick visit since they were in the area! Jack showed off his new toy which is helping him learn to spell three letter words. This kid loves his letters!

 Searching for the letter O adorable :)
 During lunch today I was running a few errands and scored this rocking chair for $30 buckeroos! It is distressed and a perfect grey patina coloring! Score!
Jack and I have already sat in it and read a book this evening. 
 We also went for happy hour to our pediatrician... it wasn't exactly happy times getting our flu shot, but we got them done (both of us) and we rocked our "boo boo" band-aids!

 I'm up wayyy past my bed time doing a craft (I'm not done yet, and just hung it to get it out of my way) for an upcoming party I'm hosting with two of my best girlfriends. I think Jack will eventually appreciate that he has one crafty mama! Or maybe he won't because I'm always trying to get Daddy to help me cut something. Jack might run for the hills when I pull out the craft supplies :)

That is our exciting Friday... hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! We shall be busy with fall festivals!


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