Wednesday, August 17, 2011

After school snack

After a hard learning/play day at school we always make sure to have a snack ready for Jack when he gets home. Today we made it special with a new puzzle for being such a brave little boy at his new school. We got a good report, and as expected the tears quickly dried up once the parents were all gone!

 And this is why you shouldn't wear cute clothes to school.... because as hard as the teachers try, they just can't control it all. Thank gosh for my Dawn/Oxi Clean soap which gets almost anything out of his clothes if we take it off right when he gets home. We already have this one back to white!

Clean new shirt, half the snack down and ready to start the puzzle :)
 On to snack #2 and puzzle #2
Yay for a good day at school!



Kelly's Avenue said...

Awww too cute!!!
Glad he had a great day

Donna said...

Jackson has the cutest shirts. Yes, oxycleans are a must have at our house.

cMe said...

You're such a cute momma! How does OxiClean work? I have the powder, never use it.