Wednesday, August 17, 2011

1st day in Red Bird class

Its school time again and that means time to meet new friends and get excited about new lessons to learn! The first day wouldn't be complete without a darling new outfit...

We are now on our third pair of new balance. We are in size EIGHT for the start of the school year!
 Packed and ready to go. The Green Plate Kids meals which we will be ordering from for lunch doesn't start until Sept, so we have to pack lunches until then,
but that's ok because we finally got to use our Thomas lunch box :)
 When I was packing it all up,
I noticed his picture on his dresser, look how little he was, it all goes by so fast!
From sweet snuggles...
 to giant giggles...
I think we both were a little nervous this morning!
 Off to school we go, to drop off Jack to his Red Bird class...walking in the school is just so pretty, we took our time walking to class

Once we got to class we put away all our things. I gave Jack his lovie so that he would have comfort and I introduced him to a few of his new friends. The tears started for both of us, though I held mine in pretty good, my little baby had a rough morning.
 It was hard to leave, but I know you are safe, loved and so many watching over you this morning.
 That still hasn't stopped Mommy and Daddy from thinking about you allllllllll morning!
Here is to a great school year love!



Lea Liz said...

Love his 1st day outfit, so cute!
Hope Jackson has a great 1st day and that you amde it thru momma!

Kelly's Avenue said...

Awww what a sweet post =)

Hope he has a great one

Momma Wilson said...

ahh, big boy:) I love his shirt, and mr. jackson is in a 9xw in those shoes:)

Lili said...

oh my...they grow so fast!

cMe said...

Aww Jess, you're adorable. Leave it to you to photograph his outfit. ;) AB and I had no luck at Lohmann's.