Monday, August 15, 2011

New school year

Today marks the start of the new school year! Jack gets just two days before he starts at his new preschool, going 3 X week. This morning was the meet & greet teacher morning, so we took Nelvi with us so that she could as well see his beautiful new learning house. Jack was a little shy but soon warmed up and was all over the room and meeting his new little friends. 

Jack running with the keys ready to go!
Our pooooor yard is so thirsty, its been 100 degree straight for weeks with no rain.
Beautiful is an understatement! 

We are beyond thrilled for this school year in the Red Bird class with Ms. Delicia (+ another teacher aide)
We have had two friends in her class before and they just adore her! 
In looking at the birthday calender, the class has 14 kids and 10 of the kids have birthdays in May and June, with one little boy, Pryor, having the same birthday as Jack! 
What busy birds they will be :)


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