Friday, August 19, 2011

Library Books

I often drive right by and forget that we have a beautiful Houston public library that was revamped just a few blocks from our house! So after work yesterday Jack and I decided to make a stop and check out the children's section. We were both blown away, its huge and there is an endless selection of great board books along with toddler reading. We got Jackson a library card and selected 14 fun books to bring home with us! I'm going to try and stick to doing this once a week, its free and it was fun picking out our books together!

Here he is this morning after we got him dressed for school reading his borrowed books :)

 Our little handsome boy, who was much better this morning when I dropped him off!



Kelly's Avenue said...

Too sweet!!!

Gloria said...

This is the library I grew up with! All the way from elementary school through senior high school! Never realized when I was 8 yrs old that my grandson would some day enjoy the same library!!! So cool!!!