Saturday, July 23, 2011

party all night

 Jack got to stay up a little later tonight to party for Grandpas 81st birthday! Kevin's Dad turned 81 and is still looking good, healthy, drinks JW Blue Label,  and giving us chuckles every time we see him. We headed over to our very good family friends house to celebrate and with good ol' pizza & cake. It was perfect for us, because fancy dinners just don't work with a 2 year old, and pizza always makes the tummy happy!

We wanted to get a little creative, as when you are 81, you have it all, so we did a fun poster with lottery tickets in the shape of his birthday. Grandpa loved it and scratched off every one of those cards and ended up with $13 buckeroos in his pocket.

Homemade cake by Grandma, and a sweet grandson saying yes please!

Thank you Mr. dAs (the best monogram) for having a great birthday party for Arwin! You are always so patient with our sweet boy while not having a care in the world that little greasy pizza fingers were running wild in your beautiful home. 

We are so lucky to call you our friend!


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The Crazy Castros said...

What a great post;)) Grandpa looks sooo happy and Jack does too!!!!