Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Greetings

 This morning Jack woke up greeting me with the biggest smile. After a long night because of a tummy ache he had, it was a good thing to see!

So we started off the morning doing a craft project for a special someone.

Kevin's grandparents were laid to rest here in Houston, so we decided to pay a visit and leave flowers. While I love fresh flowers, I wanted something to last a little longer, so I decided to try and make a fun silk arrangement because though I never got to meet Ruth, I have always been told she would have loved everything that I love, fun prints..bling..and sales.
So I made sure I got all the flowers on sale, I made sure to get a leopard print flower and added some bling to the vase. I'm certain she too was smiling this morning!

 and what she already knows but it may not say in words.. a beloved great grandmother

After our visit we headed down to Pearland and picked up some food from Central Texas Style BBQ restaurant and made our way to The Badeaux house to greet their new blessing. Graham is 11 days old and was so precious and so quiet. Steph was handling two kiddos like a pro and it was good to see that it was going so well! Case and Jack got to play while I snuggled on the baby and talked to Steph about our love for monogramming :)

We roll in our diaper after a messy bbq dinner :) 

I love Case and his junk in the trunk, at 17 months old, he for sure has no problem running this house! Move on over Jack :)
 Thanks guys for having us over, the fab four looking wonderful!



The Crazy Castros said...

Love the arrangement, love Central Texas and the cute chubby babe;)) oh and Jack of course;))

Donna said...

Yes. Silk flowers are the best for graveyards. Girl, you are looking fabulous. U must share your fitness tips!

Gloria said...

I absolutely know Gran, Grandpa and Uncle Jimmy loved the visit, and the flower arrangement is beautiful. That was such a special thing to do, thank you!

joe and stacy said...

Oh, jess, that was a lovely thing to do! I know gran would have just adored you. I'm sure she loves those flowers!!!