Friday, October 15, 2010

Water Baby

Our son LOVES water! Any chance he can get outside to play in a water bucket of sorts makes him so happy. So on occasion we just let him play with water even if it means changing him 30 minutes later. During lunch I took a few minutes to join in his fun and take a few pictures:)

Where is this really light hair coming from? Kevin and I just laugh!

Yup this is where the new outfit comes into play...soaking wet!

Lookin' for more things to get into :)
Checking out the water hose....
...and having a blast!
Here is our new playset! This retails for $500-$600 and we got it on for $80! I scrubbed all the crayola and marker off of it with oxi clean and it looks brand new!
Jack of course loves the tunnels underneath and crawling around.

What a bum-tastic time!



Momma Wilson said...

aww, such a sweet water baby:)

Jane said...

OMG, we are HUNTING Craig's list daily for this exact same thing!!! In the winter we will put it in the empty part of the dining room.....oh I hope we can find one that good!!!!

He is adorable, cuter is that possible?