Sunday, October 10, 2010

Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival

On Saturday we took Jack to the fall festival it was such a beautiful day for being outside! We tried to get Jack to ride on Daddy's shoulders and even tried to carry him but he wasn't having that... down on his own two feet it was :)

Mimi joined us for lunch at City Cafe

After lunch we headed out to check out the fair vendors...

We found the petting zoo which Jackson loved!
Once he spotted these ducks he didn't care about anything else..Jack LOVED the ducks!

Finally we got him to check out the other animals...
Wowzers this guy needs to see a dentist!
This Kangaroo had a baby in its pouch! She of course was off in a private section so the kids didn't mess with her.

Then it was off to dance to some Cajun music
Once Jack spotted this train he had to ride it, so for $6 we rode the train about 1

He was playing peekabo with us, silly boy!
After a fun day you can't leave unless you toss a rock in the pond ...he had to find the biggest rock! ha ha

We had to pick up a souvenir to remind us of our Cajun fun! 
We love our time exploring new things with our sweet baby boy!



Jane said...

Precious pics! Jack is getting so big. I don't remember his eyes being SO brown either???

Ashley said...

What a cutie you have! Great pictures :)